Bitter/Sweet Promises

Sunday, 4/13/2014

God continues to teach me about “Bitter/Sweet Promises”.

BitterSweet By that term, I mean “exceptionally clear and repeated revelation coming through prophetic dreams, prophetic words, or both”.

Our daughter’s recent series of dreams fit the definition. We knew that, because there were so many; they included parabolic symbolism; they were impressive; and they prophesied something quite positive.

This week, our daughter was honored to receive a special award and be placed in the Top Ten Contestants of the Mrs. Colorado Pageant, yet the dreams had prophesied her winning the crown. How do we make sense of that?

When a dream theme keeps reoccurring; when it’s impressive; when it prophesies something “sweet”—its fulfillment may very well be preceded by a large challenge… something “bitter”.

The promise is sweet, but a bitter season stands between the prophecies and their fulfillment. That’s why I call them “Bitter/Sweet Promises”.

Sweet 2

In other words, before the prophecy comes to pass, it will look like it could never be fulfilled. It will seem impossible, that it’s too late, or we were mistaken.

Through a Bitter/Sweet Dream Series, God promises that a specific, positive and exciting event will occur.

What is prophesied in these dreams is something desirable to the dreamer, something “sweet”. It may even be life-changing. These promises tend to be important, like finding the love of your life or receiving a major boost in your career or ministry.

Remember that the dreams may not necessarily be LITERALLY fulfilled! Don’t forget, like all dreams, the dream element which is the focus of these dreams may of course be symbolic of something. God may have a crown of a different kind in mind for her!

Bitter 2

We have dreamers in our community right now who have received these “Bitter/Sweet Promises” and are in the “bitter” season now, just waiting for the tide to turn. Thankfully, these friends at peace; and their faith in God is not shaken as they experience a testing season, a time of spiritual battle.

Testing and warfare often accompany prophesies that come with exceptional clarity. That’s really the point I’m trying to make in this post.

Think about it? Assuming the dreams have met the criteria for having come from God, why would He send multiple dreams with a promise like the one Jordan received? Why did He keep harping on this? Why over and over and over? Some more specific than others, but all good stuff.

The answer is logical.

It’s because the time will come when the dreamer will need to stand on those prophecies!

The time will come when the dreamer needs to keep his or her peace. The time will come when God will dispatch the dreamer to advance in some way.

straight_answerAt that time, God will take care to guide us concerning the details. The specifics of the charge will be confirmed.

For our daughter, the question will be answered, “Were these dreams specifically prophesying that she would and should one day take the Mrs. Colorado crown?” OR “Was Mrs. Colorado in the dreams symbolizing something else”?

In my previous post I stated, “I occasionally hear folks say, ‘We can’t know the future.’ I bite my tongue but beg to differ.”

I said, “I will concede that much of the time, even with prophetic insight, we don’t know HOW something will play out, but we CAN know generally THAT A PARTICULAR KIND OF EVENT WILL OCCUR. Through dreams, God may give us the general idea, but we don’t know exactly what course life will take to fulfill that prophesy.”

I continue to stand on those words.

Me & My Niece - sqOver the final weeks and days before the pageant, I told our daughter several times that something unexpected might happen which would make it seem as if she wouldn’t take the title and her mission for Williams Syndrome awareness to a new level. In so many words, I told her about Bitter/Sweet Promises” and not to be shaken if it didn’t turn out the way we anticipated.

But do remember, that God is telling you that He has great plans for you, if not literally Mrs. Colorado, then something that in some way resembles it, something tailored just to you.

So last night there we all sat in the beautiful Opera House cheering her on. She made the first cut as the judges took the number from 44 down to 15.

Then another competitive event followed, and entertainment, and the announcement of the top 10. It got a little tense as eight were named before we heard the name Jordan. Relief. Her motives were pure. She had grown through the preparation. She wanted so badly to utilize this platform.

Long story short, that’s as far as she got. Time will of course tell WHEN and HOW these prophetic dreams will be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, we celebrate a marvelous daughter, a wonderful family, and many blessings… including the restored marriage of our eldest son, a new life developing in the womb of his wife, and the announcement of a wedding in the family! God is good!


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