Sweet Potato & Spinach Dreams

So in the last post we talked some turkey, and if you read it, you might have been surprised to find a couple of dream stories where God used the term turkey the same way we do! And since you’re familiar now with this dream vocabulary term, you may even experience your own turkey dream!

While we’re at it, we’re going to touch on the meanings in prophetic dreams of a few other holiday foods; namely: sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, pies, and ice cream. Let’s start with sweet potatoes and spinach.


Though the Lord may use the dream element sweet potatoes in different ways, we can get the general idea just by examining them.

What distinguishes sweet potatoes from other vegetables?

sweet-potatoes1) Like potatoes, these starchy tuberous root vegetables grow beneath the ground. That’s their first significant aspect.

2) Then, also like potatoes, they mash and mush.

3) Thirdly, unlike potatoes, they are sweet. And that’s no small potatoes.

So put beneath the ground + sweet + mashable, and what do you get?

Hmm… something hidden, sweet and soft…


The Lord showed me one application through a dream. I was in the kitchen squeezing sweet potatoes with my hands. It was like forming something with children’s clay. I looked over and there stood what appeared to be the son I was estranged from, only rather than grown, he was a young child. Then God gave me his name_________ ___________. I turned back to my work on the counter and began forming another.


God was telling me that he would be answering my prayers concerning the maturity of my adult son. The Lord would bring my son and his wife a male child who would be as sweet as can be and yet brilliant (the details about this grandchild were revealed through the first and middle names given in the dream). Then there would be another child.

God was saying that what I was praying for would take time, most certainly, years. I needed to trust this word and be patient.


Shortly after that, my son and his wife birthed a boy, old enough now to see that he is just as prophesied. There have been significant ups and downs, and they now have a darling little baby girl. We are definitely still in process. See https://propheticdreamers.com/got-a-prodigal/


Sweet potatoes- the clay that precious babies are made of, for one thing!


spinachSpinach is a power-packed vegetable. Its deep green color provides a clue to its rich food value. Among the world’s healthiest vegetables, spinach comes out at the top. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is also concentrated in many other health-promoting nutritional elements.

It wasn’t surprising then, that a pastor of ours once, used spinach in a sermon series to depict the Holy Spirit. “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world,” he quoted from I John 4. I have to say, the sermons were pretty spectacular with multi-media presentations which included the cartoon, Popeye the Sailor Man!

popeye-spinachRemember that Popeye’s chief superhuman strength would emerge each time he opened and started eating a can of spinach. Bluto, the bully of the cartoon series, would pester him until he was fed up; and then Popeye would sing his little song. I saw that cartoon on lots of Saturday mornings growing up.

At the time of the sermon, most of our family was attending that church. I can still hear Pastor Rob telling us how the Holy Spirit is within us… and powerful, like spinach!

But I don’t believe spinach is a personal dream element that God would use only for those who heard that sermon series. The basic components of spinach are the same, whether it has a personal meaning for you or not.


Spinach- something packed with power, like the Holy Spirit.


Sure enough, one night during those days, when I was staying over at one of our daughter’s, I had a spinach dream. In this short scene, I was that spinach pie was smeared all over the floor. In fact, the entire floor of the house was coated with it!


What I had to do, then, was to discern if this was a positive or negative. If spinach symbolized the Holy Spirit, then having it as the base of you home should be a good thing, right?

Or was it the opposite?

Here’s a case where you have to connect what’s going on in real life to the dream. My daughter had apparently married a fine Christian man, but unfortunately had bought into the doctrine of what I now believe to be the most negative church in the USA concerning the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. And she followed him. In that community, Biblical passages concerning the Holy Spirit are explained away, and most supernatural activity attributed to Satan.

There was no way I could say the being led by or filled by the Holy Spirit was a priority for that couple. So the interpretation had to be negative.

God was telling me in the dream that the Holy Spirit was being trampled on in that home. Though there, ignored and disrespected. I would need to start by praying for the Lord to move in that area of their lives.


Long story short as they say, I DID pray, and in time things DID change. But not in a way I expected. But that’s a story for another day. It was a painful way, but my daughter has been redeemed from the bondage and now hears from and honors the Holy Spirit!

Next time- Prophetic Dream Symbolism for Pie, Pumpkin & Ice Cream!

March 26, 2016

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