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If you’ve read the post entitled NOT BIOLOGY AGAIN, you might remember that a dream at that time brought me concern. Last time I dreamed I was in biology class, I witnessed my father die! Did that dream prophecy death or could it be a good dream? I told readers that I felt I had been given a heads-up again, but wondered how it would play out- telling readers to stay tuned. It was a little scary.

This post reveals the amazing and wonderful real-life outcome of the May 30th dream!

MAY 30 “Not Biology Again” DREAM

This dream took place in a college setting among other students. I was a full-time student but only two of the classes were emphasized: writing and biology. Within the biology class was a chemistry course as well. Unsure of where to go and when to be there, I just hung out while everyone else came and went from the first day of classes. That day came and went, but I was determined to get to those classes the next day.

As it happened, on June 1st, one day after that dream, my daughter, Amy was scheduled for an ultrasound to check on her pregnancy and discover the gender of the baby. She was 21 weeks pregnant by now and going for natural childbirth for the third time.

As I was preparing homemade cauliflower soup for that Friday’s lunch, Amy called and asked my husband and I to meet them at a nearby restaurant since they were in the area. Stashing the lunch in the refrigerator, I figured we’d enjoy Mexican and find out about the gender later in the day after their afternoon doctor’s appointment.

A meal with the couple and their two girls (2 and 4) was nice but uneventful until a server came out with a cake. I comprehended the blue and the “It’s a boy” text, but the add-on at the end confused me.

Why did it say “x 2”? I responded aloud that I was delighted they were getting a boy, but dismissed in my mind the idea of twins: 1) too good to be true, and 2) who finds out about twins at 5 months? With all eyes on me, I began to sob, God has deeply blessed us!

Come to think of it, I was babysitting Amy’s girls one day in mid-January when her oldest asked what I was doing. After I told her that I was writing down my dreams, she told me that she had just dreamed that a bunny rabbit was hugging her. Rabbits symbolize multiplication!!! Nora’s prophetic at age 4!

Fast-forward to August 24th. I awoke from an elaborate series of dreams, scenes which didn’t seem to connect. I managed to write the four scenes down even though they seemed to make no sense. You know, the kind you assume must have originated from that deluxe pizza you ate before bed.

AUG 24 “Sentimental on the Stairs” DREAM

First I was at one grandparent’s house, then the other grandparents, then my parent’s (all deceased). Strangely, at the dining table, my oldest daughter, Amy, was reporting by cell phone from the Republican Convention. Next, she floated into the bedroom, but all I could see of her were red eyes. Then the two of us were heading down a set of stairs to the basement of an elementary school girlfriend of mine named Sandy. We paused there for a moment and Amy asked me how I felt about douching (directing water into a body cavity to effect cleansing).

“What?! How weird”, I thought! (Gotta be real. Remember, prophetic dreams are often bizarre and involve things we don’t like to talk about.) When I just gave her a funny look, she proceeded to change the subject and get extremely poetic… romantic… deep. I recall the reaction in my mind, “Is this the last time I’m going to see you or something? Why are you acting that way? So sentimental?” I became so disturbed that I awoke and cried. I bet you’ve experienced that reaction to a dream as well. Was she going to die?

On Friday, August 24, the day of the dream I just described, we were out on the back patio midday when Amy called. She had been sent to the hospital 11 days earlier when tests showed that the twins were monoamniotic (in a single sac). Because the cords can entangle, studies show that after 25 weeks the heartbeats need to be monitored several times a day or there is a 20% mortality rate.

Since they didn’t discover this until 32 weeks, Amy had been given a gift‒ an extra 7 weeks to “roam about the country” so to speak. We had filled up the freezer with meals, prepared the house, etc. Again, God is good.

But this call, 7 weeks before their due date, was a little distressing as one of the heartbeats dipped for 90 seconds. We remained optimistic since the doctors had spoken about looking for a pattern over time. With her last deliveries (under water in a birth center), Amy had put her faith on the line, believing in that the creator had set up women’s bodies to naturally do the job, and that interference with the process could potentially lead to unnecessary intervention.

Within 5 minutes or so, our daughter called again… this time crying. They were rushing her into the operating room for an emergency C-section. We dropped everything. In the car, picturing the dream I’d awoke to that morning where I wondered if she was going to die. I unraveled. I had little time to sort this out.

When we exited the elevator (Frank in a wheelchair awaiting a double-hip-surgery appointment), there our daughter was, lying before us on the gurney surrounded by her husband and several medical staff (our timing was somehow impeccable). She immediately declared that she wanted me with her in the operating room. This was no surprise since she had informed me that in such a case, there would be a curtain between us and her belly.

Within minutes, Russell and I in hospital gowns joined the 15 medical staff in the smaller and brighter than I expected operating room. Having prepared the mother, they put the curtain in place and began the Caesarian. There were layers of flesh to cut through for several inches across the bottom of her abdomen.

Russell and I were just to the right of her head. She was shaking and scared. The twins were judged to be just over 3 pounds each. I could see her thoughts in her eyes, “will they live?” while I wondered, “will she live?”

My dream flashed in my mind: Amy a reporter at a national convention… It would be televised next week. God had told me she would be here to provide an account of it!

I held her hand and conveyed peace and joy with and without words, that all would be fine, that the babies would be fine. The challenge was that the curtain only protected AMY’S EYES from the college-level lesson in biology! And the chemistry was squirting everywhere in living color!

What I saw and heard still entered my soul even though I acted as if this was nothing. I had fainted three times in hospitals before; once when getting blood drawn, once in seeing a friend pale-faced after surgery, and once in hearing a patient describe the heart surgery she had that week.

Eventually, after the boys were retrieved and the stitching was in progress (45 minutes), I began to feel it, sat down, and tucked my head between my legs. The rest of the family got such a kick of my entry into the waiting room. Now there were two of us in wheel chairs!

And as for the little dream scene on the stairs; Amy’s womb got cleaned out today just as she brought up in the dream, and she was sentimental not over death, but over birth.

Watching birth, whether through a medical invasion or a natural process, is awesome without measure. New life emerging. Words won’t due.

Samuel and Sawyer, at three and a quarter pounds, seemed quite large when pulled from a slit in the belly, but extremely small in comparison to the size of the incubators. They remained in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) for about 3 weeks and then joined their sisters and parents at home.

What joyful additions to the family!

If you haven’t read the “Not Biology Again” post, CLICK HERE to learn about the other biology dream and its outcome.

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April 1, 2020

3 responses on "Yes, Biology Again!"

  1. Although not biology class, this involves blood. Each dream given same night which for me, usually is connected somehow, allowing clues for the bigger message: *2 men are about to inject me with 2 viles of blood (in the shape of mini steel bullets). This will prevent me from having babies. They cannot because my sleeves are too tight & they won’t roll up. Victory in Jesus! Ha! I will be birthing something indeed. *Given a bunch of light, raw wooden traditional clothespins. I held them cupped in both hands & stared at them. *Mom & I are standing in a kitchen when she hands me a pretty white petite mug with black swirl print but its handle is broken off. I say we can just use this other one right here (no biggie) …cont…

  2. *Old, African-American friend Christopher (Charlie) & one male friend of his gifted me with Starbucks. In the bag are: a bag of coffee beans, a french press, & one other item I forget. Then he (Chris) climbed the cabinets & threw down a small, hard object in a little zip lock. It bounced off something I’m holding then on to the floor. I think it’s drugs (marijuana) & I wonder why it’s hard. I’ve been against this sort of thing ever since I was a child (thanks mom!). Now I feel I need to leave.

    Sorry this took 2 slots – condensed them as much as I could! Argh! Many thanks & blessings to you… 🙂

  3. And I must say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the baby photos shared above – absolutely adorable! You are blessed indeed.

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