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Your Thoughts-Your Ways

"I Did It My Way" from Frank's Desk

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Open Discussion Page

Post your dreams here for comment.

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While You Wait

In the last post, Lyn discussed BIITER/SWEET PROMISES, those sweet promises we receive (through Prophetic Dreams, Prophetic Words, or the Scripture) that don’t look like they’re going to come to pass, but eventually and with significant testing and battle… do. Sometimes the Lord promises us something sweet, and a season which could be termed bitter stands between us and the fulfillment. So how do we handle those seasons… those seasons of waiting? Waiting is something most of us hope to avoid because we’re not naturally equipped to actually get into the “waiting” mode. Why? Well, it defies what we’re all …

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My Dark Season

I Thought You Might Want to Know Hi, this is Frank, one of the founders of this website. If you’ve ever read my bio, you might have noticed a Nebuchadnezzar experience that I survived, and you might be wondering what that was. I refer to the ordeal as my Nebuchadnezzar experience for a couple of reasons. One is that I simply can’t think of another term that expresses the depth of the trial. The term comes from Daniel 4:31-34 in the Bible where the Babylonian king was humbled for seven years and then restored, “He was driven away from people …

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