6 Dreams Prophesying HIS Helen’s Home-Going

Part 2 of a 4-Part series on Dreams Related to Death by Rev. Lynmarie

Right up front, let me clarify why the title includes the term “HIS Helen”. This is because there’s a “MY Helen” as well, my mom. When I finish sharing the 6 dreams concerning my husband’s mother’s death, I will share 3 prophesying my mom’s death. Today— the first 3 dreams.

When someone is on schedule to pass into heaven, we sometimes get advance notice. I think the Lord is happy to share this with mature believers, especially when they have been faithful in handling previous prophetic insight and when the person has lived a long blessed life.

That was the case with Frank’s mother (HIS Helen), 96 ½ when she passed last month.

As you noticed from the last post, the dream— of Helen lying dead on the floor— spoke of her spiritual state at the time, not her imminent physical state. The dream led to her salvation that weekend. She died physically many years later.

FYI. Generally speaking, you probably won’t dream of the person’s literal death or funeral when God is sending messages speaking of a person’s death. Exceptions would be national or international figures such as Abraham Lincoln. You may, however; dream of the funeral of a person who symbolizes another person, as you’ll see in one of the dreams below.

That’s because the Holy Spirit, like Jesus, generally uses symbolism to speak in dreams.

Dream #1- “Yipee! Mom is Home… Or Is She?”

The first dream prophesying Helen’s death was sent to my husband to begin to prepare him for it. The dream was exceptionally vivid and impressive. It seemed real at the time to him.

Frank was lying in his bed at night, a young person again and back in a childhood home. He sensed in the dream that his mother was coming home. He was excited like a child would be awaiting his mother. He heard the key open the lock and perceived her walking toward his bedroom and lying down next to him on his left. He reached over to confirm she was there by touching her. This movement was actually literal, that is, he both dreamed it and did it in real life. He quickly realized it was me and not his mother he was touching, and was momentarily disappointed.

Breaking it down, notice his mother was “coming home”. That was a sort of word-play as God was telling him that she would be “coming home”. Heaven is truly our home. Philippians 3:20 reminds us, For our citizenship is in heaven. The fact that he was a child again awaiting his mother sets the stage for this parabolic picture.

That she was no longer “reachable” was the second way the dream prophesied his mom’s death.

God was preparing him, but provided no information as to WHEN this would happen. It was numerous weeks before the dream was fulfilled. The dream was not about the timing aspect, but did serve to bring the issue up to a son who would prefer not to think of or mention his Helen’s death.

So what was the point, if not timing? Well, notice there was excitement at her coming home, rather than distress or remorse. The lack of any such problems spoke prophetically as well. It prophesied that we could expect her to go quickly and quietly without issues that might cause regret or pain for her or anyone else. In the dream, she simply was NOT THERE IN THE BED.

Dream #2- “Unidentified Mother Packing Up”

Exactly 6 weeks before Helen’s death, this dream scene was recorded in my journal: I was touring/visiting a home where the mother was moving out, trying to clear out, pack and move it all; but still much to do and the move imminent.

The dream didn’t reveal who the mother was. It was left to discernment. You can see the message of this one pretty clearly, though symbolic.

Dream #3- “High School Friend’s Funeral”

One day, before the political issues going on with immigration in Sweden were brought out in the US, I had a dream which seemed like it could have been related to that because the friend’s last name was Swedlund (as in Swedland). But the Holy Spirit was of course speaking to me about a situation much closer to home.

I dreamed that a friend of mine from way back in high school passed away. In the dream, her husband had died a couple of weeks earlier, and I was compelled to attend the funeral.

I made my way to the location where the service would be, and the address took me to a gate on the edge of what looked like a farm. I was let in by a couple of folks, and we walked inside the fence on the dirt road next to a field of tall crop, like corn. I was surprised there was not a crowd.

I hear regularly of dreams like this from dreamers who assume they are to contact and warn the old friend. But without exception that I know of, these dreams are not about that person. The person they have dreamed of is symbolic.

I don’t know why I didn’t figure this one out immediately. Yes, I do— it was news I didn’t want to hear.

In high school, Kathy was my best friend. She stuck with me, even standing up for me at my wedding after college. God was speaking of a “best friend” (and someone I have known for a very long time).  That description fits my mother-in-law perfectly! She was, according to the dream, going to leave me behind.

We get a look at God’s perspective on time in this one. Two weeks to Him is 26 years! But believe me, it was a long time to Helen!

The place of the funeral seems to speak of a field to be harvested, the very picture Jesus painted in The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13— “at the time of harvest I will… gather the wheat into my barn.”

I suppose there was not a crowd as I was being given a “tour” of how God saw this event: gathering the harvest, her soul. You may have some thoughts on this portion of the dream as well.

I will leave you with those 3 for today. We thank our Lord for His kindness to prepare us for such events.

Next time, I’ll share 3 more interesting dreams prophesying her death:

Dream #4- “Crocheted Apron and Tablecloth”

Dream #5- “Deceased Mother Redying”

Dream #6- “I Don’t Want That Bouquet”

And in the last of this series, you’ll hear about 3 dreams prophesying my own mother’s death, my Helen.

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October 10, 2017

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