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Here’s the First:

from Mike Hendrick from Alberta, Canada
a Prophetic Voice in the PropheticDreamer.com community for nearly 4 years

“2017 is going to be the year of TURN-AROUND”


Personal Turn-Arounds

There are many situations that we have faced in 2016 that have been very difficult, and challenged some of us to the core of our being as our faith has been tested. 2016 was a difficult year, but the good news is that God will turn our situations around. We have come through and will overcome.

Look back at the many changes our world has gone through in 2016, and how many things changed that people thought would go differently.

In Isaiah 43, the prophet tells us that when we have been through deep waters, God will be with us; when we go through rivers of difficulty, we will not drown; when we endure the fire of oppression, we will not be burned up and the flames will not consume us.

God has been with us all along and He will continue to be with us in 2017. Many people have said that 2016 was the hardest year personally they have gone through in a long time. But 2017 is a year that is going to change that. It has been a season of great testing, yet God is going to turn around situations in many ways that will shock us.

Sudden Turn-Arounds

There are seasons of suddenlies in God that occur in our lives. 2017 will be a year of sudden shifts and elevation for those who have endured the process faithfully. It doesn’t mean we have done everything perfect, but God knows our hearts. He knows exactly what He is doing in our lives and controls the elevator.

Consider Joseph. Joseph had enormous betrayal in his life from his brothers; he was falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, thrown in an Egyptian jail, and served the jailer, the butler and baker. But he had the promise of God on his life. In one day, God promoted him to the head of all Egypt when his testing was complete.

Until then, it says in the Psalms that the Word of God tested Joseph. This one turn-around event resulted eventually in the restoration of his family. 2017 will be like that for some people.

Some of you have felt the sting of rejection from family, friends, and foes that have misunderstood the process of God in your life. Those in your life that have rejected the process of God in your life and made you feel very small will watch as God turns around your situation for His Glory.

Turn-Arounds Related to Promises from God

2017 will be a turn around year in promises God has made you in the past. There are promises you have held onto, some for years. There are unfulfilled prophetic words that God has given. Expect to see a turn-around in what was prophesied to come to pass. Expect to see God breathe life on those words and reveal to you details about those promises. God loves to fulfill His word.

Some have held on to promises Hoped against Hope. God has heard your cry and will answer! Delay is never denial and the promises must be mixed with your faith. Make a good warfare over the prophetic words given to you. Do not despise the prophetic. God does desire to fulfill his words. His words do not return void. Go back over the words that you know you have heard from the Father and stand in faith again for them to come to pass. Expect the words to be fulfilled but understand that the words given, come to pass in an unexpected way. Ask God to show you which words He wants you to believe for in 2017 that you know He has given you.

Financial Turn-Arounds

Expect a turn around financially. In 2016 the Province of Alberta suffered a difficult year. It was a perfect storm of events. Every thing from a low oil price to the Fort McMurray fires and many different events throughout the province led to a perfect storm. In 2017 expect to see employment opportunities to improve.

Expect God to surprise you with provision where you didn’t expect it. Expect God to give you business ideas, inventions, and witty ideas, to generate wealth creation. Some of the best business models and business ideas were birthed in recession times. Expect the unexpected. God is not limited to our resources and can change things.

Look for opportunities in the investment world. There are always opportunities. God desires to give the secrets of dark places. (Isaiah 45:3) Ask him for the Hidden Riches.

American and North American Turn-Arounds

Especially watch America. The election of Donald Trump is very significant to the world. I see him as “a Cyrus” the king of Persia who the Lord stirred up to facilitate the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem -one who will likewise facilitate good things for God’s people (Ezra 1). God is equipping him with what’s needed to accomplish God’s plan. America is about to boom like never before. The current spiritual battle over the outcome of these elections will only serve to turn many skeptics to believers, and Donald to his knees.

I believe Alberta will see another oil boom though it may be a bit longer out than 2017 before another boom. Expect though, that Oil dependency from the Middle East will shift back to North America.

Relational Turn-Arounds

Expect a turn around in relationships. There are people who have walked out of your life in years gone by. Expect to see relational miracles and expect people to make situations right in your life.

God is very interested in seeing restoration in relationships. Relationships are the one thing we can take to eternity. Embrace the reconciliation. Reconciliation should be the one of the goals of every believer and our aim should be to live at peace if at all possible with all people. It’s better to be wronged than to wrong others.

Do what ever it takes to remain in the Love of God. The Love of God keeps us walking a pure walk, even when wronged by others. Sometimes those hardest to walk in love with are those who hurt us the deepest. The degree we live in forgiveness and love will be the degree that God will trust us in this next season.

Love will challenge us to keep our accounts short with people. It’s not always about the anointing on our lives, though the anointing is important. Faith always expresses itself through a revelation of the Love of God in action. We will need a greater measure of faith to walk out our revelation with a greater measure to release hope and love to our world.


There are many other things that I believe God will be doing in this Turn-Around Season. Our job is to partner in faith with what He is revealing to us and as we enter 2017.

I believe this turn around year will be found in us resting in His promises and His goodness in our lives. We cannot hurry God’s promises to come to pass in our lives, and we cannot hurry the dawn; but the dawn will rise if we keep putting Him first in our lives.

Do not grow discouraged in the time. But keep your faith anchored in the Hope of God, which does not disappoint. But know in due season, we will reap our turn-around, and we will be stronger in faith, stronger in love, and stronger in our relationship with God.

May God Bless Us in 2017!

[Mike would love to hear what you are preceiving about 2017 or if this is confirmation to you. Comments appreciated.]

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November 19, 2017

3 responses on "2017 Prophetic Word from Guest Contributor"

  1. I was listening to Sadhu Selvaraj’s prophecy for 2017 and came across this same word TURN AROUND. He says that this is going to be the year of turnaround as it is the seventieth year since Israel was born since 29 November, 1947 when the UN passed a resolution allowing the formation of Israel.
    You can find his prophecy by following the link below
    The prophecy is very long but around 51 : 30 minutes you will find the word TURN AROUND!!!
    hear these as well 1:14: 41 and 1: 21:44 minutes
    So it is a confirmation

  2. Angela: Thanks for letting me know how much the word meant to you. Will be joining my faith for you to experience all that the Father has for 2017 for you. I’ve had many leaders tell me how much this was a word in season.


  3. Thank you Mike.What an encouraging word filled with the fathers hope.Yes,it is such a confirmation to my spirit and I fully believe that many unfulfilled prophetic promises will come to pass.It is a year of turnaround!He makes all things work for good! I love what you said about him showing up with the suddenlies as a result of being faithful to him.That is so true and reflects his character. So much there to take hold off for this year and to pray and birth into existence.Thank you Mike

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