From Singapore “Shout from the Rooftop”


from Singapore “Shout from the Rooftop” Username: lateBloomer


THE DREAM- In my dream I was like in the rooftop and I saw few black big birds which I think are vultures. I was looking at them coming down to me and a vulture came and bite me. I remember they have bitten my leg. I was like fighting and they flew. I didn’t see myself being disabled by the vultures and I was like fighting them.

Suddenly I was like becoming a rooster but such a mighty rooster/chicken and fought the vultures. I did not see much the ending but I\’m sure that these black birds did not any more appear. I also saw some people but I cannot figure out who they were and did not see anything happen with these people.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream is about an impact you will be making and attempt to stop it.

You are on the verge of getting something important out there, something the kingdom of darkness does not want to see happen. Therefore you have been targeted. An attack is planned intended to stop you or at least slow you down.

Of course, you have favor with the one and true God and this plan will be foiled. Do prepare for combat in both the spiritual and earthly realms. And remain confident that what you do will work. May God Bless you.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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