From Førde, Norway “His Princess Remembered”

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THE DREAM- I’m in my church worshiping and this guy is on stage whose name is Zach is singing and playing keys with others. I think that I must not look at him too much because it isn’t right and I want to focus on Jesus in the dream. The service finish and me and a friend is suddenly up at the altar. This guy is cleaning up cables etc. and comes walking towards me. My friend to my amazement asks:”Are you together?” He smiles and says:”All I know is that I went to Garage 5 and didn’t expect to find Kristin there.” I was embarrassed at the question and said: “Not that I know of” (meaning God hadn’t revealed it to me at least then) He looked at me with kind warm eyes, smiled and put his left hand on my left shoulder for a moment, before he walked on by to clean up. I turned around and followed his steps with my gaze. Then I turned back around and my eyes noticed a book with the title: “Temptations” on the altar. It ended here.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- We are so sorry for the delay. Have taken a much needed rest.

Though you prayed asking God for enlightenment concerning this gentleman, we still get the sense this dream is about you. That’s because it is straight-forwardly parabolic. Unless the dream is an exception and to be taken more literally, here’s our take:

It appears to be one of those what we call “By the Way” dreams. These come when we have focused on something, perhaps watched a movie, or like you, noticed someone and asked God about them.

It’s as if God’s replay is: “Since you noticed that…” OR “Since you brought that up… OR “By the way… I’m going to incorporate that into a prophetic message I have for you.”

In this case, the focus was Zach. It’s as if God is saying: “I’m going to use Zach to speak to you about what’s on my heart for you.”

You apparently know that Zach means “God has remembered” or “one remembered by God”. The Lord seems to be saying that the time is coming when your life will intersect with “God has remembered”. Your Heavenly Father has remembered you and that reality will be manifested in your life soon. It will become apparent. What you need or hope for will be provided.

God is letting you know that He has not forgotten you. He has seen what you’ve been carrying and what you’ve overcome. What were once temptations are now tools for God’s glory.

While you have been waiting, He has been working behind the scenes to clean some things up and establish necessary connections.

Looks like things are about in place. Expect some good news soon!

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.

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