From Apalachicola, Florida “Take Action”


from Apalachicola, Florida “Take Action” Username: sheba


THE DREAM- I dreamed I was standing outside on a deck speaking with my daughter and my grandson was standing by a pond in my yard when I seen a snake move and I told him to get away because there was a snake as he walked away I noticed where he stood there also was a snake in an upright position like a cobra when I looked at the pond there were so many snakes in all sizes just moving all in this pond.

My dog was by the pond and as I called the dog there was a snake trying to strike at it but missed him.

Somehow my sister came over and I don’t know if the baby she was holding was mine not but I asked her to go pay a bill for me but she had to get the money from my husband who was across the street talking and she asked to take this baby with her and she was going to take my car and I said OK. and I woke up.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This is a warning dream either about another grandson of yours, literally this grandson, OR something symbolized by him (something you have birthed that birthed something else). Because of other elements in the dream, we think it is about him or another grandson.

The problem is that whoever this is about has gotten involved with the wrong crowd and it’s not a place he wants to be. Harm is close-by. It also looks like something you are holding on to may be related to this, but is safe.

The end of the dream may be saying that there is a cost to saving this person from harm… something you have to do. We are not sure what your sister represents in this, but she may symbolize something next to you or whatever her name means (look it up). Pray for more insight into this and do what you need to do.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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