From Winston Salem, Massachusetts “Fish on the Line”


from Winston Salem, Massachusetts “Fish on the Line” Username: Isai


THE DREAM- I dreamt that someone and I went to the cafeteria to eat. I don’t know who the person was. They seemingly were with me and never went in front of me.

When I got to where the women were behind the glass food bar, it was clear which piece of fish I wanted. I had already paid for my food, however the piece I wanted her to get for me was laying under 2 or 3 other pieces; it’s was like she was so friendly to tell me to just come back tomorrow to get my piece, even though I had paid already. Like it was hard to get all she had to do was reach under those others and get it for me.

But because of her friendliness, I didn’t demand her to. I was friendly also, so i said oh OK I will come back, believing that I would get it.

The next day we came back and there was nothing to get. No one was there. So we decided to just take something without asking but I realized that what I had already paid for wasn’t there anyway. I said no because we will end up getting caught if we take something, that somehow they, would come in and see us. So I woke up.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This is an excellent example of a parabolic dream in that it is very similar to a parable as Jesus told them. It is also a reflective dream meant to function as a mirror, allowing you to see your behavior as God sees it and to then make an adjustment. Like many dreams, this is addressing a practical matter. God knows we live in the world and must function in its terms.

Through this dream, God is talking to you about opportunity. The Lord is telling you that when you feel a fish wiggling on your fishing line, reel it in… immediately, before it gets away! The old saying goes, “he who hesitates is lost”.

Ask yourself where your hesitation is coming from? Fear of something, for sure. Is perfectionism stopping you from moving forward? Are you picky? Do you have trouble being decisive?

The Lord does want us to call on Him for direction, but we must discern when we need to do that and when we are to just use the godly wisdom we have accumulated. Sometimes it seems God leaves us to our own wits. In those cases, we simply have to trust that God would have warned us if it wasn’t right. Sometimes, I make a decision and tell God I am willing to change it, but need Him to stop me if He wants to by a certain deadline. If I am open, He is always faithful.

Sometimes you have to trust that God will close the door Himself if He wants to.

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