From Burlington, Massachusetts “Webs While Sleeping”


from Burlington, Massachusetts “Webs While Sleeping” Username: runningeagle


THE DREAM- I noticed about 5 very large (almost floor to ceiling), empty spider webs in my basement. I crawled on floor and looked for spiders but could not find any. I thought the webs were old, but someone told me there was a huge spider hiding behind each web, waiting to bite me when I slept at night. I was warned that I must search and find the spiders to kill them so they would not attack me in my sleep. Interestingly, I felt no fear…and I hate spiders. I am a Christian and am currently experiencing many attacks from the enemy.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This is a warning dream. Traps have been put in place to trip you up. Spiders signify clever and elaborate schemes built to catch people by surprise. This is confirmed by the fact that the spiders were waiting to bite you when you are asleep, in other words, not paying attention, or naïve and not aware of these traps.

If you knew for sure the number of traps, that would most likely clarify the message in this dream. The number would be the negative meaning of the number. If there truly were 5, then this is saying one trap having to do with someone or something not giving grace.

Some Christians say also, that spiders in dreams may have to do with witchcraft or the occult, but we don’t think you can be sure of that without more information such as another dream or confirmation.

The message here is: beware, be not naïve. You can avoid this harm. Now, does anything come to mind that this might be addressing?

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