From Houston, Texas “Barren Place”


from Houston, Texas “Barren Place” Username: tropicals

16101-150THE DREAM- I had this dream maybe 2 years ago. I dreamed I was in a grocery store – not an expensive grocery store, but maybe medium to low end for our area. I was walking around the edge of the store and there was nothing to sell – no groceries. The shelves were empty. In the center there was a shelf with 1 box of cereal – torn, ripped and nearly empty. I remember saying that I had seen the same box the last time I was in the store. I believe I said “Oh well” and I picked it up to buy.

I then began walking around the edge of the store at the back. There were store managers walking behind me taking down all the shelving. They were permanently closing. I continued to walk around the edge until I came to where you would check out.

The stations were not in a row but were in circles. Tall lights around 7 ft were on the stations and they were moving around like bumper cars and changing places with one another. It seemed they couldn’t receive credit cards, but I think they couldn’t receive money – there was no way to pay – everything was shutting down. I remember particularly that credit cards did not work.

Since I have had prophetic dreams before, I was wondering if this was prophetic concerning the economy. I haven’t had any dreams like this since then.

OUR COMMENTS- The dreamer, when trained, is the best interpreter, but from our perspective this dream was most likely insight into your perspective at the time of the dream rather than about the economy in general.

The dream seems to be about a situation or place such as a church. It seems to indicate a sense of boredom, that the place you were at the time had nothing to offer you.

There was an inability to take care of business in this situation as well at the time. Were you attending, for instance, a church where the teaching was uninteresting and there were no alter calls- a spiritually desolate place?

The dream indicates that this place was unable to adjust to people’s needs, perhaps stuck in tradition. The shutting down may have been literal. So tell us what was going on at that time which may have fit this scenario?

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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