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snake in black and white
THE DREAM- I was babysitting for a neighbor. Don’t even remember the kids. I don’t know the family at all. There was a movie playing outside in the ditch. We went to watch it (like a drive in movie). One of my childhood friends had come over and told us about it.

I knew that there was a long white snake on the covert and had planned to sit where I couldn’t see it. (I’m terrified of snakes – phobia is an understatement. I’ve always said that if a grass snake bites me, I’d die of a heart attack – this is important.) The only seat left for me to sit was where I could see the snake. The snake started to shed its skin and it was falling on me. I started to shake it off and I couldn’t. I felt smothered.

Then the scene changed to us walking inside the house and the kids parents and the parents’ friends were back. They had a black snake and forced my hand into the snake’s mouth. I tried to get away, but I couldn’t. The snake bit me in between my thumb and index finger. The whole time the rest of the adults in the room were laughing. I kept telling my heart to calm down cause I knew I was about to go into cardiac arrest. Then I woke up.

A few years ago, I had a dream where my twin sisters were separated from me by a family of black cobras. I got one of my sisters away and on top of a roof. I went back for the other and she was behind a cobra as tall as a Cathedral or Temple. When I woke from that dream, I felt the Lord telling me that the snakes represented the Mormon Church and that the twins represented my two best friends who I referred to as my “soul sisters” who had converted to the Mormon Church. He was promising me that He would deliver them out of the Mormon Church. I’m not sure if these dreams are related or not. If they are related, does this mean that God is getting ready to deliver His promise?

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- Here is our take: You are right that this dream is connected to your two best friends, as the elements in the dream connect very well to the related information you provided.

This dream, however, along with providing insight concerning the “soul sisters” you mentioned, brings encouragement, a call, and is also a warning dream.

You are not just observing in this dream; you are involved and playing a role. That’s how we know the dream is ultimately about and for YOU.

Babysitting for a neighbor tells us that God is revealing information about someone else, yet giving you a needed heads-up for your own life. He is saying through the visible snake and the movie that you are meant to receive this information about your friends who have fallen into a “ditch”.

The color white on a snake indicates a lie disguised as religion or purity. Hence, this dream element may represent Mormonism, as you described. Someone’s belief in this is increasing (shedding skin). We would expect that one of the girlfriends is stuck behind this belief system (as in your other dream of one twin behind a snake as large as a temple or cathedral). A POSSIBLE clue concerning her is that her name means “one who must be loved” and that the church is providing her the love and support she needs.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see this girl and her group attempting to proselytize you. This is pictured in the dream by the snake falling on you and you feeling smothered. God is telling you through this to immediately cut off the pressure put on you and tell this person you are already confident in your faith.

When it comes right down to it, when you can see the snake for what it really is; it is black… without light/truth. The kids’ parents and the parents’ friends are obviously a group who desire for you to become a part of them. They are at work trying to force your hand in that mouth (representing what the snake is saying). Even the place the snake bites you can be connected to its attempt to change your faith. The place between the thumb and first finger bring both of those elements in, one symbolizing an apostle and the other a prophet. This could easily be interpreted as pointing to Joseph Smith, the “prophet” founder of the church.

This dream confirms the truth of your faith, and the earlier one where you got one of your sisters away and on top of a roof prophesies that you will be instrumental in helping the other friend to see the truth (from a roof)! So the dream is calling you to bring the one friend enlightenment (and possibly the other love although love is always a good call).

Looks like your efforts will be rewarded as the one friend may one day do as you do… fulfilling the meaning of her name- “messenger of God”. We thank God that you are loyal friend and we know He will bless you accordingly!

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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