From Atlanta, Georgia “Congratulations, Graduate!”

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THE DREAM- 1) In my dream I was reading a paper and I realized that I had a project that was due between the dates of March 4-10. The project was past due. I was supposed to start working on the project February 22. I hadn’t even started on the project. I was glad that the teacher hadn’t gotten to me because we had to present the project. My plan was to go home and work on it that night. So, I saw an example of what the project was supposed to look like, so I was writing down what needed to be included in the project.
2) I’ve also had a dream where I was back at my old college and I was headed to my next class, which was my Spanish class. In my dream I also made note that this was my 5th Spanish class (In real life I have taken 4 Spanish classes). It was 9:40, so I had 20 minutes to spare.
3) In another dream I had a class schedule and I was looking for my class that started at 8:55 and it was in the 800 building. So, I was walking around looking for it. I ended up asking someone if they knew where it was and they showed me the room. To myself I was saying how I missed my 1st class, but then I realized that I didn’t have that class on Mondays. Then I went in the classroom and sat down.
4) I’ve also had a dream where I looked at the clock and I realize its 9:30 and I need to get ready for my graduation.
5) In another dream one of my friends mother (Sharon) was asking me was I ready for my graduation in June. I told her yes.
6) I’ve also dreamed that I was looking in the mirror and I noticed this guy (Jason)approaching me and I asked him was he coming to my graduation in June. I’ve also had a lot of dreams about studying and doing homework.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- God is telling you in these dreams that he will be teaching you something new and taking you to new and better “place”.

1) The first dream specifies that this education is ordained and there is a specific time God has planned for it to take place. Keep in mind that this “education” may come in the form of an experience. This dream confirms that as it indicates that this will involve something you have to do rather than watch.

2) The second dream you mention focuses on the fact that this education will be at a high level, and may require a testing season.

3) The third dream highlights that the education you will be getting involves a new beginning, and there is grace involved. There is a “place” you are to be and a time you are to be there. Keep your eyes open.

4) God is moving you to a new level, a new season. He is pleased with you and feels you are ready for this. It is a good upward move. You have completed a probation period.

5) Confirmation about this moving to a new level, a lush positive place. June may be literal or it may mean “the ordained time of graduation.

6) Another confirmation of a “graduation” from something to something. This dream is more revelatory in that it indicates that the Lord will bring emotional healing, that inner conflicts will be resolved bringing peace. This is a type of graduation. Studying indicates thinking things through as you would in counseling.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.

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