From Edgar Springs, Missouri “Puppets Need Puppeteers”


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THE DREAM- In a dream Benny Hinn gave me a scroll rolled up in a tube with drawings and writings on it that he wanted to keep safe from the antichrist. I opened and unrolled it but I could not make sense of what the images were.

His wife came by and accused me to stealing the scroll and that Benny had intended for that scroll to go to her. I gave it to her because I did not want to be considered a thief. However for some reason I had another copy on the dash of my truck.

She looked around the stuff I had been packing…we were moving… and found something else that felt belonged to her. It was a large doll with a large hook nose that made a ticking sound. It looked like the Judy puppet of the Punch and Judy show. She could not see the doll/puppet, but she recognized the ticking sound and knew that I had packed it away in a box that I was going to load into the back of my truck.

I told her that she was welcome to take the doll, even though I was sure I had not stolen it. By that time Benny Hinn was there and she was making it a point to prove to him that I was a thief. I hid the extra scroll stuff that was on my dash because I didn’t want them to take that from me too.

The dreamer provided some background information as well, not included here.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- Here’s what we’re getting. We agree that the dream addresses the life-coaching endeavor you speak of. God is providing insight and direction concerning this.

Benny Hinn is used to represent the opportunity for healing [this fits as counseling is intended to bring healing… emotional and inner healing in this case]. So an opportunity to facilitate healing was given to you. You and anyone else you certify will only understand the images and texts in the scroll as you work with various clients.

The antichrist represents Satan. When believers have resolved their issues, apply forgiveness, and carry no bitterness, Satan cannot get a foothold… an important aspect of counseling.

The wife refers to something the owner of this endeavor is partnered with/married to [that’s the family who claims ownership after her passing]. God is telling you that these family members will want to claim this endeavor.

To summarize, we believe God is saying that this business belongs to someone else and you should let it go. This is not a loss, however, as the business is not real [it’s a doll], and its time is limited [ticking]. It will shut down. Meanwhile, you have a “blueprint” for this and can open up your own when the time is right if you feel led. Also, you are “moving”; something will change for the better.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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