From Pretoria, South Africa “Too Much Grief”

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THE DREAM- Hi, I had a dream where my fiancé (NAME) & I visited our parents in the village. We first went to his parents’ home & then to my parents’ home. When we arrive at my home my mother (Margaret) was not pleased to see us & her moods changed & she left the living room to the bedroom.

All of a sudden my two sisters (NAMES) who were outside doing some laundry started screaming & pointing at the blueberry tree that we had at home when we were still young saying the snakes are back & this time they (the snakes) are too many. My fiancé & I ran outside but could not see the snakes.

This dream has been bothering me a lot because it was the second time dreaming of snakes. The first time which was two months ago I had visited my uncle’s place and in his garden there were a lot of small snakes. I tried to kill them but more of them came. While still trying to kill the snakes, they (the snakes) started fighting against each other and killing each other. Then few days later (this is not in a dream) my sister called me to tell me that a big black snake was found in my uncle’s kitchen.)

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- There are several possibilities, but it is very possible that your mother in the dream actually represents the Holy Spirit who is grieved to see you together with your fiancé. The snakes hidden in the blueberry bush provide the same message with the additional information that many little things bring grief. This leads me to wonder if you are newly engaged and whether this is pleasing to God. The dream indicates that you can’t see why God would not be pleased by this. The snake in your uncle’s yard in real life may be a prophetic sign. It would help if we knew your uncle’s name. Please provide it in feedback and this might shed more light. For now, I’d think twice about this engagement, and keep you mind, eyes, and ears open to hear more from God. He always has your best interests in mind.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.

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