From New Delhi, India “Fear is a Trap”


from New Delhi, India “Fear is a Trap” Username: RAJEEVSHARMA


THE DREAM- I saw dream where lot of snakes were there , and someone asked me to search for Golden ( yellow ) color snake and they told me that be very careful because Golden (yellow ) color snake has strong bit. then i start searching but could not found. then i saw there are birds flying with holding snakes , then i wake-up… i am too much scarred that i start looking at my bed if there where any snake. pls suggest what this dream means.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream appears to be giving you prophetic insight concerning a common perspective and way of life that is unpleasing to God.

When our “concern” is actually worry, fear, or anxiety, we are telling the Lord that we have more faith in the works of the devil than in Him. We are transmitting that our faith is limited to salvation and has little to do with everyday life.

Jesus said that He came that we might have LIFE and have it more abundantly. He said that “the peace of God which transcends all understanding” is available to us to guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7).

The plan to entice us to fret or fear is demonic, and intended to trap us into saying or doing things which will not benefit us. I pray for ever-increasing faith for those within your influence.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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