From Dallas, Texas “New Cerulean Truck”

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15301-150 Dream Interpretation

THE DREAM-I dreamed that the man I loved was going to and from work in a cerulean blue truck. He has a black truck but no longer seems to be driving it.

The place where he returns every day seems to be either a beige hotel, dark shingled roof, a one story apt bldg with high roofing or a two story building. several cars outside, red, beige, white, that black truck, all parked, no longer driven.

He is watching me knowing I am watching him. He’s calm. It’s daylight at the beginning until the end of dream.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream is extrinsic in that it is more about someone else than about you. The man in your dream is thinking of you as you think of him.

He is hearing from God, I believe, and doing something about it, moving closer to the Lord which will bring blessings. The settings you mention imply that he is going through something common to man and temporary. This may be a transitional season as he gives up some habit as he allows the Lord to work in his life.

You can be sure that God is showing you this for a reason. Continued prayer support is called for.

FEEDBACK- You are spot on….God told me this is the man… and that we will both be in a deliverance ministry, I asked God to show me how he is doing. The only way he can come back into my life is if he is sold out for God. I am glad someone understood this dream, because I didn’t! I just know you are correct in the Spirit because of what has been going on with us. Thank you guys. The Lord had me reach out to him after about 20 years, and then begin to pray for him every day, several times a day. I never thought I would see him again. I pray for him all the time, and I need prayer support sometimes because I get fatigued.

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