From Auckland, New Zealand “Destroy the Evidence”


from Auckland, New Zealand “Destroy the Evidence” Username: jay


THE DREAM- I was in a past bedroom of a house I grew up in in my college years. I was lying down on the bed with a guy called Simon who I know irl and who is a twin. In the dream it seems we are intimate together. He’s then sitting next to me with a computer chip or card of some sort and seems he is trying to get rid of the evidence we have been together. Kind of like he is trying to wreck this card. I’m just telling him just to leave it and not bother. In the dream there are no bad feelings – just him doing this and me telling him not to. Recently I submitted a dream where a man gives me hats. IRL this man is someone I have met and he is a twin. The Simon in my dream is a family friend who also happens to be a twin.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- We are feeling that the additional information you gave with this dream (about the twins) affects the meaning of both dreams and alters our initial comments on the “hat” dream #12703.

We do not believe these dreams are about men who have been in your life or will be in your life, though other dreams you have submitted probably were. Instead, we feel that the twins refer to something which is difficult to tell the difference between. Because of other elements in the dreams, this seems to point to spiritual realm, most likely the prophetic. (The name Simon symbolizes spiritual hearing and Mark has to do with warfare, for example.)

This dream and the one prior seem to be informing you of God’s intention to move you to a higher level in the prophetic and to provide you more supernatural insight. Of course, this will result in more strategic and effective prayer.

We would suggest that the Lord is giving you a clue concerning what needs to be done before He can facilitate this upward move.

The dream seems to reveal that a connection with the occult during your college years has to be removed in order to clear the path. This would be contact with any counterfeit supernatural source such as going to a psychic, attending a séance, tarot cards, horoscope reading, etc. Whatever this innocent contact was, it set up a hindrance in the spiritual realm that needs to be removed. You simply repent for anything you remember naming it or them specifically, and apply John 1:9 to anything you can’t remember.

We don’t know if this sounds weird or trivial to you, but it is not. Nothing can be as awesome as hearing more from the one who knows all. We understand this may take some time to play out, after you have taken care of business, but please stay in touch. We continue to pray for you, especially concerning relationship.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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