“15 Keys to Interpretation” Coming Soon

Hello to you all! We trust you are seeing the Lord at work in your life and that your dreams are insightful.

We are excited to announce that we will be posting our first on-line dream interpretation course this April; and we’ll let you know when it’s available by blog post, social media, and subscriber email.

Keys Title 2This practical and Biblically-based course unlocks many of the mysteries surrounding dream interpretation. The principles and techniques shared will get you started accurately identifying, interpreting and managing your prophetic dreams.

Of the eleven related courses we are developing, we’re offering this one first because we know you want to roll up your sleeves and get right to the most practical hands-on training you can, to get started better understanding your dreams the week you take the course.

One of our intentions through this project is to equip, connect, and release you into ministry to each other. Upon course completion, a certificate will be issued along with access to a corresponding dreamer’s forum, an ongoing forum for dream submission and discussion which we will personally oversee.

To those ends, we have completely rebuilt this course from the ground up. 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers consists of 55 videos, each accompanied by focus questions for submission or discussion.

In this course you will learn:

• The features that distinguish a prophetic dream from an ordinary dream
• How the theories of the most influential dream interpreters jive with the Bible
• The primary factors in obtaining an accurate interpretation
• The 5 steps to interpretation and how to deal with the 1 that most trips us up
• How 21 dream element categories and 10 classifications unlock dreams
• About obstacles that stand in the way of full interpretation
• Techniques to help you avoid the most widespread dreamer mistakes
• How to determine a dream’s beneficiary and theme
• 5 keys to managing your prophetic dreams

Eventually we will publish a book of the same title for those who prefer a simple read and are not interested in the forum.

Look also for some exciting site changes to facilitate the expansion of our dictionary pages.

Until then, happy dreaming. And we always enjoy hearing how your life is going by way of comments and email. Continue to be productive, proactive, and prophetic. May God speak to you clearly, fight for you mightily, and bless you richly!

October 31, 2015

8 responses on ""15 Keys to Interpretation" Coming Soon"

  1. hi am a dreamer since ae was young and now am 18 but the spiritual sense in me solidified when i was 13 althugh ae dont see visions when am awake all my visions come to pass!! av had many dreams many of them including flying ,with long hair..beardss ..and also around waterfalls bt for now ae really need a mentor or a patner for further guidance ae fast alot n am guided thru by the spirit ae completed my high skull and did good,,,, ae want to deepen my roots in prophecy and spirituality please any trust worthy spiritually mature n honest prophet hit me up and ae will appreciate


    • Hey, appreciated your comment. It’s exciting to hear of the God-given gift you have! I hope you can be a resource for you. We have numerous articles, featured dreams, dictionary pages, and NOW, an ONLINE DREAM INTERPRETATION COURSE. We will be adding more course on that topic as well as others including on prophetic development and ministry. Please stay in touch and let us know how we can be of help.

  2. I found your site today. I am a dreamer both during the day and at night 🙂 I have had this recurring dream for years. Not exactly but similar. Last night I had the dream again. There is a prophet that I listen to. I used to attend his meetings for years but have slowly drawn away from it as I did not see a lot of it happening personally, but much nationally. He is married. In dreams past I have dreamed that he was attracted to me. I went to one of his meetings and he ended up kissing me in the end of the dream. I have dreamed that he was playing the grand piano one time and his team was leaving him one by one. His piano burst into flames and I helped him put it out. I dreamed one time that he was walking with his wife and children past me and I said hello to both of them and he looked at me with these piercing blue eyes that seemed like Jesus or angelic. Last night I dreamed that he was attracted to me again. The dream was very whispy and etheriel in that he was in and out of the dream and it all seemed very dream-like rather than earthly as my dreams normally are (if that makes sense). It was like cat and mouse. I would see him behind a tree in the forest and go to him or I would be walking with friends and chatting and laughing and he would be there. I just remember he kept appearing here and there and we were attracted to each other and at one point he put his arm around my waist. I had to hide the relationship from friends as he was married. I woke up. When I woke up I saw the scripture in Song of Solomon 2:8-14 where He comes and gazes through the lattice and says Rise up My beloved, My fair one and come away for lo the winter is past… Emotionally, when I woke up, I was horrified that I would dream about a married man. I cannot tell if this dream is pertaining to this man praying for the Body of Christ – I have submitted prayer requests in the past or if this is representing Jesus or the angelic or what. It’s disturbing me. What does it mean when you dream of somebody in real life in this aspect?

    • Fear not. It’s all good. God has gifted you prophetically and wants you to use it! The man symbolizes the Spirit of Prophecy. The verse, “Rise up My beloved, My fair one and come away for lo the winter is past” is wooing you to move forward in this ministry. Learn about it, develop it, practice it, use it, help others through dream interpretation and or words of wisdom and knowledge. We’re here to help!

  3. I have been given your site by another who has ben a member: I had a very vivid dream that felt extremely significant – I wok up with the urgency to find my bible (I am nt religious & cannot remember when I last read a bible – I am spiritual though and believe in universal energies and grateful for all) and read the scripture that was in my dream Haggi – I could not remember the chapter – just Haggi (turns out is a really small book of 2 pages – it felt very relevant.
    The dream was set in a water park. I was with loved ones. I was with 2 small children (unidentified) and the all the others went on a different ride. Somehow I injured my left leg/foot – the children and I went to the hospital within the water park and a nurse set my left limb in plaster – I was laughing – and saying “brilliant the same side as the stroke – what will be able to wear on my feet now” (I really did have a stroke that i have made a good recovery for but still have a slight problem in my left side). The nurse said oh dont worry “it may need a little op – but you will be totally fine”. i met up with the others and we wee back at a holiday type apartment – all laughing and having -fun. My mother was there too. I also saw a girl (who used to work for me) Sharon and her husband Glen. It would seem that they are good friends of my mother and I say to Sharon ” please get mum to get those marks looked at) she smiles and says she will get my mother tomy to do it. I settle back in a sun lounger – listening to everyone laughing and having un and I feel happy – I am reading the bible (I don’t know why I am reading it and I don’t know who or why I feel the importance of remembering that I am reading this particular part and the sense or urgency and importance to keep hold of the reference to look at wen I am awake. I wake up and I remember straight way to go find my bible and read Haggi –

    There are specific dates and a lot makes sense – I feel re-inspired


    • Great to hear from you. Your dream has a number of elements which are symbolic.

      The dream: The Spirit of Truth is with you and it’s fragrant scent. Also, community and peace. The dream seems to be speaking about your spiritual side and telling you to notice that one perspective which has been “off” will be rectified. A time of joy will follow. Do take whatever advice you sense is for you from Haggai.

  4. I love so much how God speaks in dreams

    • Even in the times when He seems distant and not moving in our lives, He’ll send a dream with needed direction. Maybe just in a detail, but it’s so encouraging. You know he’ll come through with the rest.

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