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Dream Interpretation Caution Sign
Dream Interpretation Caution Sign

THE DREAM- My husband is born again saved in the name of Jesus he use to be a meth user. He has been drug and alcohol free 7 years. He has had reoccurring dreams he is using meth at least 3 times a month? He is alone in his dream other times he dreams he’s being chased. We pray against it but it is a reoccurring dream.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- No problem. And congratulations to your husband! We understand the magnitude of that victory. We have a friend who was clean for years, pastored an inner-city church, and then eventually fell back into his addiction and lost everything.

These dreams are warning dreams, but we doubt that they are about drugs. God seems to be saying that a temptation which he fell into in the past will be resurfacing to test him. The most common temptations that men in general face relate to sex (affairs, pornography, etc.) but this could be anything.

The kingdom of darkness often considers the past when planning to seduce us. If it’s worked in the past, it may work again. God, of course, allows this in order to give us opportunity to pass the test and be promoted. You have a heads-up; pray regularly together and stay alert.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.

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