From Lumberton, New Jersey “Keep Envisioning!”


from Lumberton, New Jersey “Keep Envisioning!” Username: Cathy

14801-150 Dream Interpretation Heart
14801-150 Dream Interpretation Heart

THE DREAM- I was browsing through used items at a thrift store and I selected a couple things and Benny Hinn was getting them off the shelf for me & putting them in a bag but he had dropped a little (size of a silver dollar) puffy red heart and I picked it up for him.

He shook my hand to thank me and when he grabbed my hand he paused and looked at me and said “You have quite a vision in you”..and he was trying to see more but then he said “But it’s not real clear”..I said to him “How do you think I feel?”…then he prophesied in a song over me (I don’t recall song, but sounded like a well known secular one) Then he said “2015”. I said “What does that mean?” He replied. “I don’t know.” That’s it! I’m stumped!

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream seems to say that the Lord is has heard of your plans and seen your vision to build something.

He knows of your mercy and compassion for others and is pleased to bless you and your plans. Know that it is God who has given you these ideas that you would develop them. This either involves two things or God is saying this is confirmed.

He is telling you to keep pressing forward, though the details may not be clear yet. He will be faithful to shine a light on your path step by step. His intention is to birth this in the year 2015. (It is possible this has to do with a healing ministry.)

FEEDBACK- Thank you for taking the time to read & interpret my dream which I had written down 5 years ago. I believe it to be accurate because at the time I was very desiring to ‘build’ a worship/healing center centered around God’s Presence & gradually, through constant battles/trials the vision died. I found the dream in an old journal and had no idea what it meant. I googled and found your site, hoping for clarity. The interpretation has stirred my heart to ask the Lord to revive that which died. Thank you for you ministry!

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  1. Imin the house my grandpa built in the kitchen with a painter who was painting the walls a dull lime green color. My dads frog collection was in the kitchen. When I opened the cupboard there was a smoking ashtray inside. i get a phone call that my friend David is dying in the hospital. He left this world 30 years ago. At the hospital I give David, who is in a wheelchair, the biggest hug and I can feel so much love from this embrace. We head down a long corridor too his room where there are deep purple towels arranged in this Eiffel Tower holder

    • I’ll let you put these symbols together. Kitchen- preparation, can be in the mind. Paint- changing mind. Green- envy, greed, OR growth. Frog- (does he really have a frog collection?), if not, lust. Grandpa- what stands out about him? David dying part- something loved is resurfacing but will end. Purple- authority, probably counterfeit. Eiffel Tower- about love. Let me know what you come up with!

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