From Gadsden, Alabama “Knuckle Sandwich”


from Gadsden, Alabama “Knuckle Sandwich” Username: arlanci


THE DREAM- All I remember is that I was standing in a flat grassy area outside talking with someone and there were people here and there, perhaps a playground. I work with children so I don’t know.

I heard a child crying and upset didn’t pay much attention at first but then saw her moving frantically so I ran over and as I did I saw two large long snakes reddish gray run off into the wooded area behind. One appeared to chase and fight the other as they ran and they didn’t just run flat on the ground appeared to be able to run and up to a foot off ground.

Then one started to come back and I saw a leopard or other fast mountain cat come at me, I pushed the child behind me toward the door and I stood their bc there was not a second to run; it was jumping at me.

I positioned myself, held out my human fist as though to punch and said In Jesus Name, that’s all I had time for and it like dramatically knocked the thing out and away. I was holy cow, did ya’ll see that? I was freaking out and it still felt as though danger could be present but that’s all I remember.

OUR COMMENTS- The child represents something young. It could be an actual child, but certainly something someone has “birthed”.

Something is not right concerning this “child” or “thing”; there is danger. There is a plan against this which involves unpleasantness and warfare. It could be in the area of health, but may not be.

Whatever is planned involves two components which are initially in conflict with each other but able to move to higher levels of warfare. When the time comes, this attack will come quickly, but be thwarted by your authority in Christ over that “child”.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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