From Wilmington, Virginia “Keep the Red Boots On”

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THE DREAM- So, I was going somewhere with my boyfriend. When I got to the car I was cold, so I went back inside the house to get a jacket. In front of my door was this thick of bushes I had to go through to get inside.

I’m heading upstairs to my room when I realize if I put on this jacket I will have to change my red boots because it doesn’t match. So I’m taking off the boots and this white baby snake bites me. I realize it must have gotten on me while going through the bushes outside.

I then pass out for what felt like 5 minutes but in my dreams reality I didn’t wake up till 7:30 the next morning. The snakes teeth had broken off into my hand and I could still feel the effects of the snakes venom. I was told by the doctor that as long as the teeth where still in my hand that I would still be messed up by the venom. I pull the teeth out and don’t remember anything else from the dream. Can you please tell me what you think this means?

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- God is providing you insight into what is coming.

There is someone in your life you were supposed to remove, but haven’t. At this point not doing so will bring a consequence. This will happen no matter what.

This person appears “good” but viciousness will become apparent if it hasn’t already. Your job is to get past this. Don’t let this stick with you. Unfortunately, bitterness poisons you rather than the one who hurt you.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.

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