From Jackson, Louisiana “Copperhead Scare”


from Jackson, Louisiana “Copperhead Scare” Username: wturner


THE DREAM- My dream was about one of my granddaughters. I dreamed I was that I needed to go to a shed to get something and she insisted on following me. The shed was in the edge of the woods. As I got to the door I cautioned her to stay back.

I looked down and there were two holes…one had several small copper heads the other had about two or three larger copperheads which was closest to my left foot. Alarmed I threw up my hands for her not to come closer but then noticed a large copperhead was at her feet poised to strike. Before I could reach her it bit her on the leg and two small pearls of blood appeared.

I cried out and she started to run toward the house. I reached her and grabbed her up in my arms and told her not to run that she had to remain calm or she would push the poison through her body more rapidly. My heart was breaking as I rushed with her in my arms. We live about 30 minutes from a hospital. In my head I was trying to figure out any and all ways I could save her.

When I reached the house there were people there that I thought were family that were telling me that the odds were not good. I felt my world was crushed and the possible lost of the precious child who is so so loved. Then I woke up…with my heart racing..close to tears and so thankful it was not real.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- It is doubtful that this dream is about your granddaughter, so no worries on that front.

This dream is about something you started that birthed something else. (For instance, my husband and I started a dream ministry that birthed this web site.)

There is something that is yours and available to you that you have decided to utilize. This is has to do with a group of people in some way. So this something you began that sprung forth something else is in danger due to your decision to retrieve this thing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proceed.

The attack is probably coming from someone or something that can be identified by its ability to attract something. Your enemy wants to scare you through this, but fear not. Your defense is peace and wisdom. You can outsmart this.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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