From Hayward, California “I’m Not Listening”


from Hayward, California “I’m Not Listening” Username: sulubird


THE DREAM- Went to visit Alan at the job a place where I work for a year as a temp and I left at the end of this year because I really didn’t feel like a part of the company. While waiting on him I was chatting with old employees and noticed that they had hired a lot of new people.

So he finally came out to get me along with some other guy didn’t know him but he greeted me with a hug and we walked to the back and up to this area that was open and nice we was talking and a group of people came and they was very rude and a fight broke out.

I remember as I was trying to get out of there snakes was coming out of the plugs a lot. Then my daughter and I believe Cassandra my childhood friend I was going to get some clothes so I could leave and while I was up in the room where my belonging was snakes started falling on the bed from the ceiling and again they started coming out of the plug and I ran and call Rita my sister and was telling her about the snake and while talking to her on the phone a group of random people whom I never met before wanted me to help them out with some money and I said no and group of them cam and I woke up.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- Our question is “what have you been involved in?” it seems like the key to understanding this dream lies in what it applies to. So go at it that way.

It looks like God is giving you insight so that you can steer clear of returning to a place that is not currently running smoothly. God is saying that he is there watching and His intention is for this place to be beautiful, but instead there is strife.

This strife is preventing the people there from being effective. It will prevent you from being effective. It’s as if God is saying, “I’m not listening.”

It sounds like a ministry, even a prophetic ministry, but we’ll be interested to know what you think God is giving you the heads-up on, so get us some feedback please.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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