From St Paul, Minnesota “Oh Brother”


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Dream Interpretation Oh Brother
Dream Interpretation Oh Brother

THE DREAM- I keep having dreams that I am getting married to my older brother. I am a christian girl and I just recently became my brother’s roommate. Prior to moving in here with him I had 2 or 3 dreams of the kind but I pushed them aside because I thought it was sick.I did not even record them in my dream book because I though those dreams where not from God. But this morning I had the same dream again and because of past experiences I know that when a dream is recurrent then God is telling me something.In the dream that I had today, it was only after I got married to him,that I realized that it is incest, that I cannot even think about sleeping with him and I cannot even have children with him. These dreams are really disturbing my peace 🙁 My brother is not saved.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS-Thank you for the detail. It helps. Don’t be disturbed. You’re fine, but God is warning you and action is called for.

While a male figure named William often is speaking of God the protector, you brother in these dreams seems to be a literal dream element. Dreams prior to your moving in with him were speaking about your moving in with him. Marriage just means to “partner” or “unite” with someone or something as in a business or a contract or roommate.

If the dreams prior to your residence change were negative, these were warning dreams. The dreams after your move are clearly warning dreams because within the dream you realized the marriage was “illegitimate”. God is saying that this arrangement will not end well. Something will eventually occur which will harm you. God is telling you this now because He wants to protect you. Our suggestion… find another place before there is trouble.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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