From Kathu, South Africa “Daughter Bitten”


from Kathu, South Africa “Daughter Bitten” Username: trouthunterdp

dream interpretation snake warning

THE DREAM- A large snake was chasing my oldest child Kayla, when my wife,Marisa stepped between the snack and my child to protect my child the snack suddenly looked very small. My oldest child,Kayla was then swimming in the pool and a snake was swimming around with them, My wife Marisa told the kids to get out of the pool and they climbed out, but my youngest child Zoe jumped into the swimming pool with the snake and the snake then bit her.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream most likely brings insight into your current situation letting you know of a challenge concerning your move. There will be something related to your LEAVING where you are now that will seem daunting. What you need to happen may seem like it’s not going to. Perhaps getting a job.

It looks like you will partner with someone or something which will bring you a renewed confidence, but beware; this may not work out like you imagine. I would expect this to be a false job opportunity or promise of something. If you move forward trusting this, you will be let down. Better keep looking. Some things are not what they appear. We pray that you have discernment in the name of Jesus to identify this and avoid the pain.

November 20, 2015

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    In my dream i saw a small snake in my home & i am telling my husband to kill the snake but my husband is not able to find the snake ..he is searching everywhere but he is not able to find but I am clearly seeing that snake hiding every area..

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      This is good news, but you may have trouble accepting it. God is telling you that the person that appears to be evil is not what you think. Give this person a chance.

      I have been in your shoes in a situation like this until God showed me through a dream to accept the person. As things played out, it was VITAL that I did. Is there such a person in your life now that you suspect?

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    in my dream i saw a snake moving in my bed and while I am watching it, its like it wanna come bite us and we end up climbing on top to avoid being bitten. THIS DREAM WAS REPOSTED ON THE OPEN DISCUSSION PAGE.

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