From Kathu, South Africa “Daughter Bitten”


from Kathu, South Africa “Daughter Bitten” Username: trouthunterdp

dream interpretation snake warning

THE DREAM- A large snake was chasing my oldest child Kayla, when my wife,Marisa stepped between the snack and my child to protect my child the snack suddenly looked very small. My oldest child,Kayla was then swimming in the pool and a snake was swimming around with them, My wife Marisa told the kids to get out of the pool and they climbed out, but my youngest child Zoe jumped into the swimming pool with the snake and the snake then bit her.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream most likely brings insight into your current situation letting you know of a challenge concerning your move. There will be something related to your LEAVING where you are now that will seem daunting. What you need to happen may seem like it’s not going to. Perhaps getting a job.

It looks like you will partner with someone or something which will bring you a renewed confidence, but beware; this may not work out like you imagine. I would expect this to be a false job opportunity or promise of something. If you move forward trusting this, you will be let down. Better keep looking. Some things are not what they appear. We pray that you have discernment in the name of Jesus to identify this and avoid the pain.

November 20, 2015

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  1. In my dream i saw a small snake in my home & i am telling my husband to kill the snake but my husband is not able to find the snake ..he is searching everywhere but he is not able to find but I am clearly seeing that snake hiding every area..

    • This is good news, but you may have trouble accepting it. God is telling you that the person that appears to be evil is not what you think. Give this person a chance.

      I have been in your shoes in a situation like this until God showed me through a dream to accept the person. As things played out, it was VITAL that I did. Is there such a person in your life now that you suspect?

  2. in my dream i saw a snake moving in my bed and while I am watching it, its like it wanna come bite us and we end up climbing on top to avoid being bitten. THIS DREAM WAS REPOSTED ON THE OPEN DISCUSSION PAGE.

  3. I had a dream I was getting married to someone I’ve been dating for about 8 months. In the dream we were both wearing white and seemed happy. In real life we have had a roller coaster relationship, a lot of issues in such a short time. What does this dream mean?

  4. [1]hi, recently it was two brown very shiny like they where polished i could still see their picture very shiny they where chasing me and i was running for my life they looked like mother and child they so looked the same the only difference was the other one in front was so big and the one following as they chase me was smaler but not so small i saw myself running in that dream and they too where in mission of catching me, as i was running a man in the dream appeared from nowhere lead me to a house i dont know who it belonged to,to hide me in that house and the snakes couldnt see me anymore and i woke from my sleep

    • Dreams where the dreamer is running from something reveal that the devil is trying to invite fear. He has been successful in bringing such circumstances, but you don’t have to give him the victory. Fear not, God will protect you!7

  5. i always dream snakes not once have they bit me,i dreamt i was at work suddenly there was a snake and it wanted me but instead it went 4 my cousin and my younger sister it beat both of them[i work with my cousin] and slithered into the cuboard at my place of work where i put my belongings in,and i have been having this dreams of snake attack since i was 19 now i am 50 n still see snakes in my dreams please help

  6. i thank God for this site,i never knew what to with my dreams and they where bugging me,my cousin whom is often in my dreams told me he dreamt that he haid his intestine outside like his tummy bust and i was holding his intestines, he is not born again

  7. thanks lyn.what i can say about my cousin is,she is very secretive hates confrontation loves people born again and what worries me about her is the fact that as a born again she should enjoy topics about jesus ,i everyday talk about jesus at work but she will never engage herself in the topic, i think she is shy i even pray for jesus to help her because shes quite a nice person she doesnt like conflicts while my sister is sturbon not born again,loves people oh my cousins name is sylvia my sister evelyn hope this will help

  8. hi lyn i have 2 comments about two cousins,the one that i say is always in my dream is a he,he loves God in his own way we grew up in methodist church he is still a methodist and loves God i also pray to God to help him see the light,but he does love Him he loves peace where he sense unpeaceful atmosphere he will just leave hes got a very possitive reputation even in our village people even call him pastor

  9. hi Lyn last night i dreamt that my husband had dressed formal at work,he’s always in casual when he goes to work, what i could clearly see was the tie, red and white stripes what could it be?he is born again but struggling with alcohol there where times where i thought of giving up on him and he loves Jesus so much, a month ago he had an accident and he said just minutes before the accident he saw his mother and younger brother standing right in front of him and they both dead

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