From Sidney, Australia “A Promising Future”


from Sidney, Australia “A Promising Future” Username: rose93


THE DREAM- I was at my family BBQ and as I looked around there were snakes everywhere not harming anyone but instead all my family members on my mother’s side were playing with the snakes, as I make my way inside being the only terrified one there was a king cobra looking at me with his head held high but did even try to strike me.

As I get inside my 1st cousin (male, and one year younger then me) was teasing me about being scared and as I go to sit down on the couch my cousin pours a bucket of snakes on me but none of them attacked, as I was crying my lungs out my cousin then start to pick them off me and put them back in the bucket and said sorry;

Then all of a sudden scene changes and I’m with my older sister climbing up the hill to her old house, as were climbing I see her shoulders and there is a big long python just laying there, she then hands it to me and says “don’t be scared” and I put the snake on my shoulders.

We then get to her house, open the front door and take 3 steps in and being unfamiliar with what was inside her house, there was a big staircase leading all the way up to the sky’s above or what I believe is heaven, and a bright light just shines on me while my sister steps back into the shadow, I take one last look to my left side and I see my Sister’s husband and his younger brother, I take one last look at my sister and again she say “DON”T BE SCARED”. Then I woke up.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream seems to be providing insight into a plan of the enemy to intimidate you.

It seems that the dark side wants convince you that you have nothing to look forward to, that life will not go well, that you are not blessed and that God has forgotten you. Your spiritual enemy want you to carry this lie on your shoulders.

In truth, you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness. That’s why they have targeted you. Satan is only as a roaring lion. He can only shout. His teeth have been pulled and he has been declawed.

You were created with great care by a loving God, and you have a destiny which has not been fulfilled yet. Do not look at the earthly reports or circumstances of life for your hope. Your hope is in the Heavenly Father who is bringing you to higher levels of the knowledge of Him and His love for you.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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