From Nashville, Tennessee “Snakes Shot Down”


from Nashville, Tennessee “Snakes Shot Down” Username: fknoxy

Dream Interpretation gun
Dream Interpretation gun

THE DREAM- I dreamed that Miley Cyrus was being attacked by several snakes. The snakes were hissing and appearing to be very aggressive towards the young lady. One of the snake was surrounding her from head to toe appearing to suffocate her. Then a tall black man who I think was my uncle Willie who passed away years ago began to shoot at the snakes around and on the young lady.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS-God has a bright future planned for you and you are apparently moving toward it now because this dream reveals an aggressive attack from Satan on your destiny and the hope you hold concerning your future. The demonic scheme is intended to scare you and paralyze you. Hell can’t stop you, so it wants to convince you to stop yourself. The dream shows that you can count on the Great Protector, the Lord of Hosts, JEHOVAH-SABAOTH, to resurface and intervene.

As this plays out, stand still and watch God battle for you. The Lord rules the angels, the stars, the elements, and all the hosts of Heaven; and the Heaven of heavens is under His sway… the Lord is on our side — our August Ally; woe unto those who fight against Him, for they shall flee like smoke before the wind when He gives the word to scatter them.

FEEDBACK- I was very encouraged by the interpretation of my dream.

November 20, 2015

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