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Dream Interpretation Miracle
Dream Interpretation Miracle

THE DREAM- I dreamed I was looking for a house to live in. I was shown this apartment that I was going to share with my daughter. The apartment was very small, no furniture, and the doorways leading to the bathroom and bedroom were so narrow I could not squeeze through them. I left the apartment and went into the apartment managers office. I told her that I would not be staying there.

The realtor took me to a house that was on the roof of a high rise building. I wasn’t keen on the idea because I know that tall buildings sway at the top. Two ladies who had lived in that space accompanied us up the elevator to the top floor. When we get to the top floor the elevator doors opened unto the roof of the building. From there we were level with the open sea. Everywhere I looked was opens sea. As I looked at my feet, they were covered with water.

I could feel the breeze on my skin and I got a little scared that there was nothing to hold onto. I again thought about the fact that tall buildings sway if the winds get too strong. It was not a comforting feeling. We walked a step or two to the door of the apartment. I walked inside.

It seemed to be all one room. I saw a small kitchenette to the left, a small wood dining table for two. I noticed the front section of the room had been set up with a podium and chairs for a bible study. I believe these were stackable plastic colorful chairs with metal legs. It reminded me of chairs in Sunday school classrooms, and high school lunch rooms.

Behind the podium I believe there was a window. I thought these ladies must be Christians to have their home set up like this. I sort of imagined what it was like for them to live here in simplicity instructing others on how to walk with God.

Then there was the private living area to the left. There was a small, plain tan/brown arm chair that did not look comfortable. I think there was a small console/desk area.

There was not much furniture in the room, but what was there seemed to be simple and outdated; like it was furnished from a salvage yard. My only thought was that if this was such a spectacular high place that it should have granite counter-tops and have finer furnishings. I decided that there was too much risk involved to move here.

The next house I was taken to was a small house. I walked in. it was not much better furnished but for some reason I decided it would suit my needs better. The realtor left me to look around. It was an L shaped space. I noticed a couch, red round ottoman, a basket full of magazines and a cat.

Behind a tall furniture cabinet, like a china cabinet in the living room I discovered some old greeting cards. Turned out that this apartment had been previously leased to my niece Gabby and she had stashed her greeting cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards behind a piece of furniture that was pressed up against the wall.

What’s funny is that I stuck my hand through the furniture to the backside to get them out. As I got them out and opened them I realized that they all had money in them. Checks that were un-cashed. I wondered why she had never cashed these checks. I made some kind of joke that I should look at more houses just to explore what was behind the furniture. Who knows we might become rich.

I walked into the dining room kitchen area. I leaned my back against the counter and sink. Directly in front of me was a huge harvest table. On the other side of the table was an empty spot where the stove was supposed to be. That’s when I realized that the stove was in the entry way by the front door instead of in the kitchen. It was moved there so that it could be connected to the 220 outlet. There was an empty spot in the kitchen where it used to be but the 220 outlet had a plate put over it due to bad wiring. I thought how awkward it would be too cook by the front door when the sick and table was in the kitchen. The flow was awkward.

After I woke from that dream, I felt embarrassed that I would have turned down the one at sea level.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream is in response to your quest to clarify your ministry’s identity. You see your current ministry as small, lacking substance, and ineffective in bringing about repentance; and you are hoping for change. God is revealing in this dream that you can move in one of two directions.

If you pursue an emphasis on demonstrating the power of God, you are moving in a direction of risk which will not be comfortable as it will require great faith for you and your husband. In this style ministry, you will attract less mature believers who need a good deal of instruction. This ministry emphasis will demand humility, but be blessed.

The second ministry option is a quite opposite approach. In this ministry, you provide superficial friendship, fellowship, encouragement and comfort. It is a traditional mainstream or Baptist approach. There is love, but the power of God is overlooked and miracles are not apparent. A lot of talk, but no spiritual warfare. The opportunity for favor is passed by.

To summarize, the first apartment you toured is that one God will support. The Lord is clarifying and confirming this so that your ministry can be the greatest and most effective it can be. God will back you up as you stretch your faith. This is your calling.

FEEDBACK- Thank you for the interpretation…. and it was interesting how the crazy dream element that I had sent in was tied into the original dream. I am totally amazed at how God works through dreams and the prophetic gifts. Thank you for your ministry. Are you starting a group soon? I continue to have dreams that I wait on the Lord to help me understand and yet I would love confirmation or correction of my understanding.


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