From Asheville, North Carolina “Coin Revelation”

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13201-150 Dream Interpretation Coin Sketch

THE DREAM- These dreams occurred in the same night.

Dream 1: I was in my kitchen and I was looking for a patch to fix a hole in my shirt. I found the patches and a double headed dime. The dime was suppose to represent the patch. I was trying to figure out what side to put it on, so I could place it in my shirt. That is when I noticed that it was a double headed dime.

Dream 2: I was in my room and I was opening up a package that I had received. Inside the brown box was a jewelry box that would usually have a ring in it. I opened that box and there was a nickel in it. I was trying to figure out where it came from. The box said Mental Health Clinic in red.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- The first scene seems to say that there is a relationship from the past that needs to be mended. God seems to be saying that you both hold responsibility in this, that you are not faultless. He is calling you to take action and resolve this matter.

The second scene is most likely addressing the same issue. God is saying that grace and compassion is called for concerning a commitment and/or relationship. Taking care of this matter will bring peace not only between you, but within you. This issue may need to be resolved in order for God to promote you to where you want to be.

FEEDBACK- Thank you for your interpretive comments. Your thoughts really resonated with me on the first dream. When I looked back over this dream, I realized that the 2 headed coin represented a relationship that needed to be fixed or repaired. Thank you for taking the time to interpret my dreams.

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