From Exeter, England “Wild Wet Ride”


from Exeter, England “Wild Wet Ride” Username: ellie

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THE DREAM- I was on a water ride at Thorpe Park called ‘tidal wave’ I was the only person on the ride in the large boat and as the boat went down the steep drop I realized that as the only passenger there would be no cover for me from other passengers from the water. As I came down the splash soaked all of the people watching the ride including my mother.

Once this had happened the boat turned into a roller coaster. Once I got to the end of the roller coaster the people supervising the ride had a hose/water gun that they aimed at my face and hosed me down.

I then went to look at the photo of myself on the ride. As I came out of the ride I saw that my mum having watched me decided to go on the tidal wave. I stood on the bridge overlooking the ride to watch her. As I watched now she was actually my dad on the ride.

I realized that standing on the bridge I would get splashed and did not want to get wet again. I decided to hide underneath the bridge so that I would not get wet. When I went under the bridge there were 2 people hiding under it. They told me to be quiet as we were not allowed there so I kept quiet and moved away from them to another covered place.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- Assuming this hasn’t been fulfilled yet, this dream looks to be about a “wild ride” you are about to take in the Spirit of God. It will not only impact you, but it will impact others.

This new experience will be a bit uncomfortable for you and your initial response may be embarrassment and the desire to flee rather than receive more of the presence of the Spirit. This will most likely take place in a church or ministry setting, and those around you will encourage you to embrace this.

The dream indicates you are tentative, but know that this truly IS of the Lord as the Holy Spirit and your Heavenly Father are responsible for bringing these type of experiences.

Experiencing the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God is thrilling but scary; I know, I came from a mainstream denomination. Some believers become addicted to it, others run from it, but we believe it can enhance your relationship with God as these confirmations of His presence bring assurance.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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