From London, England “Constructive Tsunami”

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THE DREAM- I was in a flat,in the living room,on the top floor. I saw a little girl sitting on the floor, and my wife standing next to her(the little child). I went towards the window to open it, but I saw a huge shadow rising, it was a tsunami. It submerged the lower cities (houses). A second one came and the water reached our flat. water was coming into the flat. I told my wife that we quickly had to go.

We were suddenly outside. There was a great panic; everyone was running in all directions. My wife and the little child were sitting on a three seat bicycle, but I was not on it. Both could not ride it as it required a third one. I was looking for another vehicle but could not find it, so I went on the bike and we went.

We came to a cross road. the path to the left and the right had traps, stones were falling from above.
The path straight ahead had three spiders and a huge Lion (looked like a saber-tooth) hanging from above. People who went into that direction were taken by the spiders.

But I told my wife that we should go straight on. As we came near the spiders nothing happened to us. But as we came before the huge lion hanging from above, he tried to stop us from going further, so I threw a little knife which went into his neck and he fell.

We went by and entered through a door. Then, the lion asked, how did you do it? We went through a second door hat led us into the kitchen of a house. My wife was standing in front of the sink and said “this is what I always wanted”. We went outside, and the weather was warm. My wife asked if the tsunami would reach us here, I replied no. I told her to look at the signpost that was planted next to the house it said”Mexico”. We were standing on a large green field. After that, my wife said “let’s go get them” and we went.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream reveals an overwhelming issue that will demand your attention. It’s as if the pressure may have been building for a while and a matter must now be resolved.

Though it will be uncomfortable, this is good because it will bring a significant change for the better. It will take you to a wonderful new season.

Initially, you may feel overwhelmed and fear that you may not be able to deal with this, but God will help you. This, by the way, involves something you are partnered with. Think on who or what that could be (your wife, business, etc).

The Lord says in this dream that you must embrace this change, but take care how you proceed. Success will come from your confidence that you know the truth.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.

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