From Durban, South Africa “Eagle Hero”


from Durban, South Africa “Eagle Hero” Username: Markbecks


THE DREAM- I was in an area that had quite a lot of trees, but also some trees and bushes. I was aware of people around, but the seemed to be out of the picture, so no faces or anything I could recognize. Their was a fence with wire strands, and on this fence was a snake that was wrapped almost in a figure of 8 pattern, dark brown with black markings. I didn’t see it at first, only when it hissed at me as a warning that I first noticed it, but it never bit me just lunged at me without biting, and I remember just saying out loud, watch out for this snake. I then turned the opposite way from the people and started to walk deeper into the bush. The dream then changed from me walking back towards the people and the snake, but it wasn’t their. I looked on the ground to see if I could see it, but couldn’t see anything. I then looked up, and saw an Eagle with the snake dangling from its talons, and obviously dead, although the snake didn’t look as long as I imagined it to be from the fence. I do remember the sky being blue and clear, and open. I then woke up and felt troubled.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This is a warning dream, but no worries. God will handle it. There is apparently a deceiver among a group or community you are involved in. So this could be work, church… anything. We believe this person will not be a threat as he or she will be unmasked and removed by a prophet of God.

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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