From Lubbock, Texas “Strong and Free”


from Lubbock, Texas “Strong and Free” Username: jillmarshall3


THE DREAM- My dream from the point I recall began in an old auditorium building. There was a lady there who was prophesying over people. I felt nervous that she was going to do the same for myself. She was standing to my right and in between us was a stair rail.

I was afraid to look at her in the eye, that she might see something bad. When she looked at me I could see fear in her eyes, the she said “I have to go now! We all have to go, something is in here!”

Everyone there began to get chill bumps and feel an evil presence in the place. People began running out. I turned to walk out and was pleading the blood of Jesus over myself and saying different things to protect me from this evil like “Jesus in inside of me, he is my lord and savior.”

The building then began to spew glass and dubri out of the windows and I began to run into the street as well.. The building had a demon yelling from it the name Valarie! and “I want Valarie!” I kept running from the building. until I hit a white barbed wire fence, then along with another woman began crawling through holes in this fence to try and escape the strong winds and flying dubri, this is all I remember..

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- God is saying in this dream that He is going to show you something with regard to a transition. Higher levels, higher devil comes to mind.

It looks like you may be experiencing some turbulence in your life. You wonder if this is due to sin in your life. God seems to be saying in the dream that you are clean; you have been forgiven.

What is happening is because your adversary, the devil is angry with you. He and his team are threatened by you. They hope to incite fear in those who stand in their way, to “take out” the strong, those with unshakable faith, the bold ones. That’s you. Keep it up; this oppression has to GO!

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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