From Pullman, Washington “Uncovered”


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Dream Interpretation Paisley
Dream Interpretation Paisley

THE DREAM-My boyfriend and I are in my old apartment in my bed under a blanket. He is completely naked and I am completely clothed. Both of us are completely fine with that.

I realize that all of my 11 roommates (from the house I live in now) are in my apartment with us. I am very concerned with keeping my boyfriend completely covered with my blanket since he’s naked. He reaches for something outside of the bed and I ask him what he thinks he’s doing (someone could see he’s naked).

He says his feet are cold and he wants his shoes. An important man comes to my bedroom door and looks at me. I’m ashamed because even though my boyfriend is covered by my blanket, the man knows he’s naked.

One of my roommates comes into the bedroom and offers two blankets (gifts) to me, asking which one I want. They are both purple so I automatically like them (my favorite color is purple). The first has a pretty pattern on it, but isn’t comfortable. The second is plain, but extremely soft. My boyfriend says that I should just take both. My roommate and I are taken aback by how selfish and inconsiderate that decision is (even though he didn’t think it was). My roommate and I both know that I can only have one.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS-This dream seems to be providing you insight concerning something you are partnered with (very possibly your boyfriend so we will apply the dream to him in our comments).

We are sensing that God is saying that he is not covered by God’s unmatched protective hand. Though you are attempting to offer him (this partner) divine protection, he is not receiving it.

First, the dream is implying that he is not saved and does not have the Holy Spirit within. Could this be true? You can verify that this is true by what he does and says. Something he is doing leaves him open to this lack of protection.

Also, he seems to lack discernment. Could it be that he holds to the philosophy that as long as you believe in something, you’re safe? Or that you can hold two opposing religious views? If any of these are the case, this is surely a warning dream.

FEEDBACK-[Personal information…] I really want to know what God wants me to do. And now I’m wondering if this dream is Him trying to communicate with me.

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7 responses on "From Pullman, Washington "Uncovered""

  1. I think the old apartment represents the dreamer’s life before Christ. (I am making an assumption that the dreamer is a new believer in Christ.) It seems to me that the dreamer wants to continue living her life as she did before coming to know Christ. The boyfriend, on the other hand, seems to know things have changed. “He says his feet are cold and he wants his shoes.” He wants to leave, but the dreamer wants to keep things as they were. The important man probably represents the Lord. Despite her saying she is ashamed because the important man knows her boyfriend is naked, more likely than not, the dreamer is ashamed because she knows she is unequally yoked. A roommate- one of eleven- comes into the dreamer’s bedroom and offers two blankets. The number eleven is associated with chaos. I think the blankets represent two choices. The color is purple. Purple is often identified with passion. It is also identified with royalty and spirituality. The pretty but uncomfortable blanket probably represents the dreamer’s current situation with the boyfriend. The plain, soft blanket probably represents the dreamer’s current view of her relationship with Christ. Even though he wants out of the relationship, the boyfriend tells her to take both. The dreamer and her roommate intuitively know that she cannot have both. I find it curious that the dreamer states, “My roommate and I are taken aback by how selfish and inconsiderate that [the boyfriend’s response] was.” Within that statement, I perceive that the dreamer is not quite ready to accept that she is the one that must choose to follow after Christ- or not. Of course, the Holy Spirit is right there convicting and guiding her. Choose life, dreamer!

    • Your comment is thoughtful and appreciated! You were more specific than we felt led to be, not knowing the person or her walk, but we are clearly on the same page. I have emailed her. We’ll wait for her reply.
      I agree with most of your assessments. The second blanket to me represented what she SHOULD DO; it wouldn’t be that appealing, but doing what the Lord wants is always the best choice.

      I would only mention that though number 11 does mean chaos, here it was just the literal number of room mates. The symbolism was fitting though!

      Would love for you to join our upcoming forum. Helping people understand what God is telling them is a significant ministry and very satisfying!

  2. Hello everyone,

    I was under the impression that the biblical number 11 can have another meaning as well. I was told it can also stand for obedience, is this true? However, if so it doesn’t mean it fits the context for this dream interpretation. I just would like to know where others get that 11 can also mean obedience. Thank you.

    • The number 11 can have a positive meaning. Negatives derived from biblical associations include: disorganization, confusion, disorganization, disintegration, overthrow through judgment. A second symbolism is nearing the End of a Season as in the 11th Hour (which could be positive).

      What’s important in interpretation of this dream is that the 11 roommates are literal in real life, so the number 11 carries no symbolism.

  3. Lynmarie, this is off the post topic, but I have been trying to get answer to this for some time without success. Do you know what an outside versus inside/indoors setting means. I understand dream context among other things while being led by the Holy Spirit all factors into dream interpretation. However, I receive some dreams where I outdoors on a beautiful sunny or snowy day or indoors where there is anything from bright light to dimly lit scenes. What role does indoor vs. outdoor play depending on context? I would appreciate any understanding you can offer. Thank you and God Bless 🙂

    • There isn’t a simple answer to indoor vs outdoor, however one unit in the course 15 KEYS TO DREAM INTERPRETATION is devoted to the topic you are asking about.

      Our introductory $39.95 price is scheduled to expire sometime this spring, so you might want to take advantage of it. Over 9 hours of power-point teaching plus mentoring. Sounds like a good idea for you, given your interest.

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