From Brisbane, Australia “The Best of Intentions”

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11202-150 Dream Interpretation

THE DREAM- In our previous home which is now tenanted. It was like we were bunking there while tenants away. Then I remembered the very small vacant two bed flat attached to house. Rather dingy and dark but adequate for interim stay and better than bunking with tenants. however when I woke I realized there was no flat in reality. I would value your thoughts on that. Also during the week hubby dreamed and he very rarely recalls dreams. He was in footrace and the path foggy. He suddenly found a precipice and leapt scrambling backwards. He took it that we needed to go slow as danger could be there. My mum dreamed I was driving a speeding runaway car aged about 7. So there seems enough confirmation…just puzzling with the peace we get…we are used to doing bold things for God and so familiar with adrenalin of situations.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream most likely brings further insight into the situation you need clarified. God identifies a situation related to the past by saying that it has sprouted a subsidiary. That describes well your scenario— your response to your brother’s situation (something that started in the past) has sprouted plans to address issues related to him… the ministry plans.

Then God describes the ministry as dingy and dark, clearly a compromise for your time and effort. If this were blessed and anointed of God, the flat would be brightly colored, larger, and include positive elements.

Footrace on a foggy path leading to a precipice, and speeding runaway car.

These dream scenes have something in common; they reveal moving fast, racing, and out-of-control movement which symbolizes that the persons doing this are going ahead of the Lord. These dream elements tell the dreamer to slow down and wait and listen for God to direct their path. The path is foggy in the dream; an obvious metaphor for lack of clarity which confirms the racing.

That there is a cliff ahead is also a clear revelation, “if you continue on this course, your time will be wasted because you will lose the support you need.” Support can come in many forms— relationships, finances, partners, etc.

Scrambling backwards is exactly what God desires for you in this scenario because God has a better path for you.

I sense that revelation from God as to the direction God does want you to go in may take time. Be patient. God is preparing you. My personal thoughts on “impressions” and “peace” is that they may not be as concrete as other forms of prophecy. Your dreams come together to create and confirm a message.

In the scenario I mentioned in the our interpretive comments on your first dream, my husband and I were excited as you are to move forward in a similar ministry. Before long, I experienced a shocking dream where I saw my husband’s body lying in the middle of the road… dead, with a woman lying dead next to him. Naturally, our excitement to function in this ministry outweighed the prophesy and we ignored the warning. The ministry did of course eventually die, but more slowly and painful than if we’d heeded God’s word to us. I also feel that the Lord took some other things away from us because we failed to listen and obey what we knew in our hearts He had told us (but didn’t want to admit it).

Again, your hearts are awesome and God will direct your path and use you mightily!

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