From Halifax, Nova Scotia “Beautiful Princess”


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THE DREAM- I’m in a grocery store and I meet up with an old friend named Allen. He’s really tall. (I used to date him IRL- don’t really have thoughts on his personality..he’s kind & calm). One of his sons is with him & he suggests to his son that he doesn’t need to go change before he takes him somewhere. Allen & I talk for a bit at the back of the grocery store and then I walk up the produce isle looking at the food. The produce isle is on the right.

Then I go outside and it seems I’m waiting in a white care for awhile.. then I board a HUGE transit travel bus which is going to take me to an airport to catch a flight. I get on the bus and find a seat about mid way down on the left. The bus is pretty much empty but a guy I don’t know comes and sits next to me. I stick my hand into the magazine holding area on the back of the seat in front of the guy (not the one in front of me) and pull out a plastic transparent & white pouch which seems to have little shampoos & beauty products in it (I own this IRL) and start to go thru it. The guy in the seat next to me gets up and moves to another seat.

Then I’m standing next to a bright yellow car I once owned and talking to a guy I once knew IRL who is not nice. He starts pointing and making fun of my yellow car (don’t know what he was saying). The scene then pans or zooms out slowly and shows me standing & leaning on the right side of the car next to the passenger door. In the background, behind the vehicle & I is a river.

INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS- This dream is about how God sees you. He sees you as BEAUTIFUL! He wants you to believe that and process it deep within your soul. It is your adversary, the devil and his forces that have tried to convince you otherwise. When you GET this revelation about yourself, these forces will flee.

Other voices, however, will persist, condemning you for your past fears. Yes, fears are at the root of the issues needing resolution. They are at the root of past actions and words. God understands this and wants to free you from all fear. He wants you to lean on Him.

He is the King of Kings and made you and designed every detail to work together for good. You are a beautiful creature of His; you are His princess. He wants you to fly now, to soar by faith that He is your Loving Faithful Father whom you can trust. Hold your head high. Don’t be ashamed. Your Father will lift you up and take you to a new “place”.

(We had this written up before reading your background information. May the Lord show Himself Mightily in your life!)

After entering your dream-life, we feel a special bond with you and we treasure your detailed initial FEEDBACK.


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